Company’s Vision :

“To be the leader increasing productivity in agricultural industry with a variety of products and services”

Company’s mission has consisted of 5 different aspects as follows

  1. Become an Excellence Organization Focus on effective management, continuous organizational development and good governance management.
  2. Production Improvement  Machinery and Equipment used to produce the highest efficiency including reduce waste from the production process.
  3. Focus on research and development new products   to meet farmers’ needs.
  4. Distribution Channel Development to increase sales volume and market share in order to achieve the target
  5. Continuous Development in Personnel Enhance the quality of life for employees including instill ethics to employees at all levels.

Company’s Core Value :

  1. Good Governance - Management of corporate ethics and moral legitimacy and righteousness and foster  ethics and integrity to all employees at all levels
  2. Integrity - Employees must conduct their work in moral and ethical integrity and accuracy of all righteousness.
  3. Responsibility - All employees have the responsibility and dedication to duyy assignments include responsibility for the products, customers, society and environment.
  4. Team Work - Employees at all levels are willing to work together fully and happily. Every employee should respect to each other in order to achieve company’s objective.
  5. Creativity – Present new and creative ideas by focusing on thinking outside of the box in order to achieve company’s objective.
  6. Responsiveness - Employees at all levels must response to the problem quickly and solve all problems at its root cause. All employees should accept all changes and continuous improvement of organization.
  7. Humanity -  Manage human resources in an efficient and professional way. Have succession plan to build, replace and maintain the human resources and treat everyone as we are in the same family.

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